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    Phill Mason

    I’m starting this Thread as we would like as many people to give their comments about “The Pond”

    Some villagers may have noticed that a fence has been erected in front of the “The Pond” in Upper Wardington. Many newcomers to the village may not even realise what it is or where it is, “The Pond” is situated almost opposite Chapel Cottages and was used for watering any livestock traveling through the village, this has been a village asset for more than 100 years and should remain accessible for all from the roadside and not fenced to look as though it is part of the neighbouring property, the land is unregistered and not recorded as belonging to any individual, this has been discussed at Two Parish Council Meetings and on both occasions it was decided that the fence had to be removed and it has been recorded in both the February & March minutes, but the owner of the adjoining land who erected the fence has informed the Parish Council and a CDC Councillor that he has no intention of taking the fence down.

    This topic, once again, will be put onto the agenda for discussion at the Wardington Parish Council AGM on the 24th May 2016, if you have any thoughts on how we can stop the loss of this feature we would encourage you all to attend the AGM, also we would like to hear your opinions on this forum as well.

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